Walking In The Rain.

I'm finding it hard to not to go for walks in the rain. Every time it starts raining and I'm not at work I'm out the door.

A few days ago it started raining the heaviest I have seen it all summer. So I quickly put on shoes and ran out the door. It was so heavy that there was ankle deep puddles in the streets. I was completely soaked under 30 seconds. I took my water proof camera and hoped to get a good picture. I got to a parking lot next to a bank set up the timer and took a few pictures. When the rain slowed down I went back home to check the pictures.

I find that the flash is a bad thing to have in the rain. The light reflects off the rain back to the camera. However I had 1 go w/o the flash going off. And it's half decent. So it started heavy again so I went out again rain was pouring off roof tops in sheets I went back to the parking lot and and tried a few more pictures w/o using the flash. I got a few more but they could get better.

When I got home I had to check all the pictures before I did anything else so I'm still in my rain soaked stuff.

This is the best pictures I can get.

Shourin Shourin
3 Responses Aug 16, 2012

Daytime rain shots work the best. Night you have to compensate for lack of light in one way or another.... slow exposure time or flash.

I love takin' photos in the rain.

Good going! Wish I had better luck with my camera. One of these days, though... lol

IF you want to buy a new one don't go with the fujifilm xp series.

I have been having allot of problems with it.
1 they are not as shock proof as they advertise
2 the still pictures have allot of noise
3 having allot of problems with memory card errors. When the card clearly works fine.