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Not Today..

I waken up by the sound of rain hitting against my windows. At first it sounded like hail, but when I peaked out the window, I discovered it was rain. Instantly I knew today was going to be a bad one. Don't get me wrong, I adore rain, but whenever it did rain, my days would turn to ****. Like ten minutes ago, my mother yelled at me to get a job. Like she should be talking, she gets paid, and spends the money on dumb things. I've paid the phone bill, the light bill, and the water bill twice. So I smirked when she told me to get a job. At 6, I began taking my morning shower, lucky me, the lights went out. I did a very girly scream and woke up my two year old niece. I felt bad, but it happened so suddenly. I'm now running late for school, and I'm walking in the rain, which is now downpouring. A few secends ago, I tripped. So my clothes are now soaked with water. -__- I wish today would be over. Thankfully, the rain's temperature was perfect.
LettersToTheSky LettersToTheSky 18-21, F 1 Response Oct 22, 2012

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hi there ya rain is a love hate relationship i love a warm rain to walk in the smell and its little pitter patter on every thing just seem to wash away all the bad thing s in a dayand you can just seand in it head tipped back or sit on a bencg in the same way and let mother naicher was every thing right through your close soaking you through and through what a feeling