Summer Rain Storm After Work

Years ago, I lived in the southeast.  Summers were hot, humid, and at times, very wet due to heavy rain and/or thunderstorms which could dump an inch of water in just a few minutes.  I worked in the banking industry at the time.  Professional attire was required.  Women were expected to wear dresses, skirt suits, slacks, heels, etc.  Men were expected to wear suits with a dress shirt and tie, etc.

As the workday was coming to an end on one particular afternoon, a heavy rain storm moved in.  Employee parking was outside and several blocks from the office.  My friend and I began contemplating heading to our cars.  Neither of us had an umbrella, but summer storms like these can end almost as quickly as they begin. 

So we waited...And waited.  And waited.  

My friend was wearing a skirt, blouse, hose and heels.  Secretly, I wanted to see her wet of course, but didn't want to suggest it.  Finally, my friend says, "ohhh...let's just go."  I couldn't believe it, but I was thrilled.  I looked at her and said, "are you sure?"  Her response was to step out into the pouring rain.  I thought she may want to "run for it," but instead we both walked at a normal pace, maybe even slower than normal. 

The water was warm and felt good.  Before long, we were both soaked through to the skin.  My friend was drenched and her clothes were plastered to her body.  She looked hot and I found it all rather erotic. 

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I did not realise that you were a woman, I thought TV, How wrong and how so very very sexy, for a woman to enjoy getting wet in her clothes and then telling us about, absolutely fantastic and lets hear much more from you. I am male and enjoy getting dressed up and then getting wet, although our rain storms here in the Uk tend to be cold rather than warm and recently not often enough.<br />
keep it up girl, very impressed and would love to hear more.<br />

WetClothesMo2 - you ask about a part 2 to the story? You mean something like we both found the wet clothing so erotic that we suddently embraced in a lipstick on lipstick kiss? LOL. Sorry, there is no part 2. We both simply went home.

This office building has a swimming pool:-<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Perhaps Norman Foster is a fan of wetlook! It is a nice idea to just be able to pop in to the pool fully clothed for a swim at lunch time, then dripping wet take the escalator to the staff restaurant on the roof to dry off. Mmmm!<br />
<br />

Don't leave us hanging. Is there more to this vary nice story? Maybe a part 2?

I agree that we should indoor pools at the office and that we should have wetlook Friday!!

Nice Story, BizSuitStacy! Every office or bank should have an in door pool,too, what do you think? Doug, Do people wear Suits in that fountain?

I now live in the Pacific NorthWest...and we don't get those nice summer downpours. And as a rule, people don't own pools here either. It is a lovely place to live, but I wish there were more wetting oppotunities.

I love that kind of rain, I'll always take advantage of it, get all wet and don't care who sees.