Stress Release

I love to go out when i'm stressed or mad and walk in the little ark near my house, or sometimes I even just wander. I loved where I used to live because it rained a LOT and it was warm rain. kinda like a shower. i love to lay down somewhere and watch it fall on everything.
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4 Responses Nov 29, 2007

That was a awesome poem. when I'm stressed I take a walk or write poetry. Today I decided to walk to the lake near my apartment building to take pictures. Also I love the rain as well, its really calming. When I was little i use to walk in the rain until I was completely soaked.

haha, I'd agree with you, but we ahve snow, and I spend altogether too much time enjoying the lack of traction it brings...

I wrote this in 7th grade:<br />
<br />
Rain is like angel showers<br />
or the tears of a mourner.<br />
rain is like the spray from a squirtgun or sprinkler<br />
or the soft touch of a baby on the back of your hand.<br />
rain causes trees to smell like a midsummer breeze, <br />
sending a messenger from the sky.<br />
rain is a shower for soil, grass, and trees.<br />
Rain is like sadness spreading across the world.

sounds good to me, i love the rain..i love to walk in it too..especially when there's not so many people out..