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Neighborhood Nudes

Neighborhood nudes, that's the new title we've gotten around here. I guess it got started when I accidently met Linda the post delivery girl while I had strolled down the driveway to get mail naked. She became a friend, and spends a lot of free time over here now as she can't be naked at home but loves the feeling of clothes free living. Then my neighbor Henry and his niece Barb got an eyeful of four of us girls nude when we hit a badmitton birdie over the hedge and he was giving it back. We invited them to join us . . .and they did. She was out of her clothes first after they were over here a while, but we coaxed and teased him till he gave in and got bare too. My uncle Jay came out and we all played hit the birdie for an hour or so, All completely nude and having a great time.

Barb was curious about her feelings of sexual arousal and asked me my thoughts and views afterwards, now she is over here almost constantly, we have become very close, and after she got comfortable with playing with herself she has joined me in just doing it without shame when the urge arises (which is quite often)! She says she wishes she had discovered this freedom eariler.

There is another nudist couple living down the road, and Barb and I have walked the distance between our places three times back and forth, just as bare as the day we were born. No one on the street has complained, a few have openly given approval, and one guy, friend of Henry who lives about half way between has offered his place as a safe haven if any trouble should arise. So far as I can tell there is no objection and the only things "arising" are, well ...I'll let you guess.

I was originally planning to get a group of about 8 or 9 of us "naked people" to discreetly take a walk between the places at dusk, walking briskly, but now with our new nickname and the acceptance of the neighbors, we are quite comfortable with just strolling along nude without a worry in the world. It is such a glorious feeling, and yes it does still give a bit of an adrenalin rush, which is all the more exciting.

Neighborhood nudes, I like the sound. I think we should have a Clothing Optional backyard party and invite all the clothes wearing neighbors, being sure they understand they are in no way expected to take their duds off, but welcome to so if they wish. Optional means just that. Just let them all know they are welcome to join us for a fun filled afternoon! What do you think?


nudigirl nudigirl 22-25, F 10 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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Where do u live

I believe you would have more 'neighborhood nudes' if you did have a backyard party for everyone. Seems most people do enjoy being nude, just need the -push- so to speak.

It sounds like a very excepting place to be free, glad you found it and keep getting more to join in on it<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

By organizing a nude party or neighborhood nudes activities, you become the leader or the speaker of nudity in your neighborhood. Every nudist will be proud of you.

Thanks for the comment. We are all in this together, there is not a leader. Just a bunch of us who have discovered we all enjoy the same state of nudity, so we get together to enjoy it.

Bet your property values would shoot sky high if it got out that your community was nude friendly. Think of all the people who would want to buy in.

so far it is low key. Hope it stays that way. We don't want to get a stream of cars coming through here hoping to see the "parade".

sounds great you are very lucky to live among such open minded neighbours and live naked with out fear of upsetting anyone good luck and may you enjoy for years to come .

I would love it if we had neighborhood nudes where I live. I'm almost always naked at home, but sometimes feel like the odd man out, like no one else would even consider doing being naked at home. I love that this site always me to see that I'm not the only nudie out there.

Thats for sure, so many love to be nude!

You chose a great neighborhood.

nudigirl,<br />
<br />
wow, I love to move to your neighbor. Would you mind if I join your group?<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

The more the merrier!

Thanks. I thought I could fit in with your group. Of course our uniform are not exact matches. lol

Bare Hugs

It's cool you have neighbors to share nudity with, I have one neighbor, a woman a few doors down from me that enjoys nudity indoors and on my patio but won't take it outside.<br />
<br />
There is a young couple that I have skinny dipped with a few times, but I have no idea if they are into nudism.