Taking The Time To Walk In The Sun Keeps Me Grounded.

At least, that's what I've done the last few days.  I need to lose weight.  I've needed to lose weight for the past ten or so years.  My average weight is somewhere between 275 -- 300 lbs., and that's no good.  Part of the problem has been my unwillingness to kick my love of Coca-Cola.  Until very recently, I was drinking at least one every day.  Sometimes I drank up to two-litres in a day.  I'm trying, though.  I have to confess, I'm doing it to please a woman I know.  Really, though, I know I'm doing myself a huge favour by cutting back.  I was at Superstore today, and noticed their 24-pks of Coke were selling for $6.00.  Normally I would have leaped at that opportunity.  Today, however, I simply said no.  It hurt just a teeny, tiny bit, but the bigger part of me is telling myself 'good job!'

Well, I've gotten way off topic.  Part of my being able to go for these walks, apart from it being summer, is that I'm unemployed right now.  Since I don't have an income, I can't go out and do very much.  There are several trails around Burnaby and the Metro Vancouver region that I've wanted to explore for a long time, and, since walking is free, I've taken advantage.  Plus, it helps to keep my mind off of my issues, like where I'll find a job, or the woman I'm so enamoured with.  Well, walking in the sun doesn't always keep my mind off these things, but it feels good anyway, and helps to keep me a little more grounded.  I think all the sun we've had lately has started to darken my skin, too, and do not tan very well!
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Jul 11, 2010