Late Night

i'd been to the pub near to where i live, iyt was quite breezy as i was walking home, about midnight, anyway my thoughts turned to feeling what it would feel like if i sliopped on my favourite dress when i got home.
well i got home, got undresed and put a bra and nix on put some make up on, my maxi dress and blonde wig, plus a pair of flat shoes.
i stepped outside the front door and pulled it shut behind me, it was about one am by now, already i could feel the breeze blowing my dress, and it felt wonderful, so i went for a walk for about half an hour, i felt like i was in heaven, i decided to go back home, there was a couple walking towards me and i thought oh s***, they were my neighbours, i don't know if they new it was me or not, but nothings ever been said.
i must do it again sometime soon.
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3 Responses Nov 14, 2010

The first time I had done this it was at night as well and I was a bit nerves in doing, but I knew deep down that I had to this to know what it actually felt like to go outside of my house dressed as a woman, but also I wanted to beat my paranoid feelings of actually getting the feeling of it al. I tell that first time it really felt great and since then I started doing this more and more. I have never regretted since as for once I felt the freedom.

It's such a nice feeling isn't it

A great adventure, I sometimes do this late at night and I have never met anyone yet as It is a very quite area.<br />
I normally dress up in a 3/4 length silk dress, french knickers,camisole and hold up stockings.<br />
The feel of the breeze around my buttocks is great.