My First Time.

I remember when I first went outside dressed.  It was after my mom found out that I was into crossdressing.  She wanted me to drop the mail off in the mail box down at the end of the block.  I told her that I had already taken the mail down but I lied as I wanted to dress up and take the mail down.  When my mom went to sleep.  I went and pulled out my suit case my mom gave me to keep my fem things in that she had given me.  I put on some drk brwn pantyhose and a jean skirt that I taken from my sis's room put on a white bra, white blouse as well.  then I put on some make up and a wig that I had from halloween was a curly haired wig didn't look to bad.  Then put on my sis's jean jacket that did match the skirt.  Grabbed my high heels and carried them as I went down stairs.  As I got to the door I turned the porch light off opened the door quietly and went outside.  I put my heels on and started my walk down to the end of the block.  I was so nervous and shacky but was excited at the same time.  Loved the way the wind felt on my pantyhosed legs.  As I got to the end of the block I dropped off the mail and decided to make a trip around the block instead of turning around and going back to the house.  As a few cars would pass by I would look away but, I did get some whistles and hey whats ur phone number.  But, nothing more than that.  As I got back to the house I couldn't believe that I just did that and I didn't get caught.  I took my heels off at the door and opened the door quietly and closed it in the same maner.  I put my heels back on and took my sis's jean jacket off and sat on the couch for a bit and watched tv.  After A bit I took my heels off and walked back up stairs making sure no to wake my mom.  As I got to my room I changed out of my clothes and put on some biege pantyhose and a white night gown my mom gave me and climbed in bed.  After a quick j/o session I went to sleep.

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Care for some company on your walk? A girl can't be too careful these days.

dark nights are great i love dressing up always in short skirts heels and pantyhose make up and wig it is a thrill and scary but i do get comments of a sexual nature.