A Fun Night

When I was about 11, my parents and siblings were away, leaving me home alone.  A friend who shared my cross-dressing interests came over and, after dark, we dressed fully as females (putting scarves on our heads to both hide out identities and because we had short hair; it was the 60's), and walked around the neighborhood, gradually growing more and more bold. 

Nothing more happened, but it was a grand experience.

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Thanks for the nice comments Sam

Hi Heellover do not worry about what your physic is like<br />
there are a lot of women that look just like men in there dress. Go out put your makeup on and go out and have a good time. See if where you live there isn't a group that you can go and join or meet with people to chat and have a coffee with. It is no fun dressing alone just to ********** and go to bed. Enjoy life. LOVE Samantha

Hello, the two of you must be lucky enough to live in a city or town to be able to do that. Yes going out dressed is a lot of fun even if you just going shopping or window shopping just to walk around amongst other people can give you a thrill. I used to dress up and go to Toronto just to walk around and windowshop. It was a lot of fun. LOVE Samantha

I walk around my neighbourhood in my heels. I don't really cross dress properly. I used to 15 years ago but I don't think I could get away with it any more I have developed a very masculine shape.