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Graveyards Are Just Ridiculously Cool

...And graveyards are also a good place for sex. Think about it. Death and life. death and sex. I'm sure the guy that took me to a graveyard many years ago for sex wasn't thinking of it as "cool", but it is; it's very "cool". This particular graveyard was wonderful and old; it was in a big city next to me (I live in a tiny Southern town), and it was very large. I was younger then, and more attuned to what was "cool", but I think I have a core knowledge of "coolness" and I'll be a very cool old woman.
mistressmonique mistressmonique 46-50, F 4 Responses Apr 16, 2012

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I live within the original 40 acres of first settlers in my area (1830's) The stones are worn smooth and once heard it referred to as "the old Indian burial ground" : )

Yrs ago my gf who later became my wife was living in a rented room and that landlady thoughtb it immoral for me to visit her in her room . The previous landlady was much more accomodating <br />
As a result we had a problem finding a private place for sex. swe drove around and found a graveyard. It was dark and private. I got the blanket out and placed it on the damp ground and we had a great time . I kept an eye open in case someone locked us in since there was a gate but nobody came luckily. It did not bother me but my gf would not go back Too creepy she said <br />
actually the landlady kicked my gf out a month later so we got married It was easier than finding a cooperative landlady

you got a long way to go befor you get any where close to being a cool old woman.<br />
you can be a cool young woman right now tho.

I know that I'm not very close to being a "cool old woman", but I hope (and will work to try and make it so) to be a "cool old woman" when I reach that age. I'm not even a cool young woman anymore-that's in the past. Now I'm middle-aged. No more club-hopping-those days are gone.

:-) Cool Story, Babe<br />

I know it's cool. I know what's cool and what isn't.

Your the Queen of Hot and Your Cool My Sister.
Hope your feeling great today