Graveyards Are Just Ridiculously Cool

...And graveyards are also a good place for sex. Think about it. Death and life. death and sex. I'm sure the guy that took me to a graveyard many years ago for sex wasn't thinking of it as "cool", but it is; it's very "cool". This particular graveyard was wonderful and old; it was in a big city next to me (I live in a tiny Southern town), and it was very large. I was younger then, and more attuned to what was "cool", but I think I have a core knowledge of "coolness" and I'll be a very cool old woman.
mistressmonique mistressmonique
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:-) Cool Story, Babe<br />

I know it's cool. I know what's cool and what isn't.

Your the Queen of Hot and Your Cool My Sister.
Hope your feeling great today