Grave Guardians

I have seen some type of Grave Guardian on a battlefield....

Why would he be protecting the grave?

For what reason?

For revival?

For the day of resurrection?

To keep all the souls in the mass grave until they must go elsewhere?

Until they are called to another battlefield?

Another reality to edge on?

Another life and battle to fight?

Until they are called to higher service again - elsewhere?

I know I am probably speaking a whole lot of nonsensical language right now....

But why does a grave need a Guardian?

Shouldn't this type of stuff be sort out in heaven?

Shouldn't souls wait there to be reincarnated and come down here again?

And yet I wonder if many souls alive today in flesh aren't but GRAVES, souls lying in slumber, being asleep to a greater reality... Only waiting to be CALLED again to a greater a service when it is their time....

Who awakes the sleepers?

Some only awake upon death!

Maybe that was the REAPER I saw... Waiting for them to realize that they are dead... Ghosts that need to embrace some bigger divine reality than the mere flesh, bones and rot they are accustomed to!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 17, 2012