My Most Recent Walk In A Graveyard...and A Lesson Learned From The Dead

It was autumn. My feet were anxious to feel the earth move beneath them. The light was long, sharp, and shadowed. Soon, but not yet, the day would give way to night. I think there was 1 hour of light and an hour of dusk...just right for me. Eagerly my children agreed to a jaunt into the little town in which we live, my three happy Chihuahua's in tow... While I had glanced once or twice at OUR grave yard I had never penetrated the holy sanctuary roughly marked with broken fences, and one concrete wall, yet holy none-the-less...  Inside we found stories barely told. A wife and husband. A husband waiting for his wife... and I wondered, "would she come? Or did she find a new soul mate to be buried beside? Do people do that?" Further in I appreciated the fallen leaves, akin to the souls below, fading fast. Some of the graves were new, some terribly old. After a while I saw a pattern appear. 1918... 1917... 1916... Sometimes whole families were laid to rest in those years. My daughter asked why, so when we got home some 80 minutes later I googled those years and found that was the Spanish Influenza ...the worst H1N1 to date. It took unfathomable amounts of people. I tried to ponder those days for my town...the underlying terror, while normalcy tried to persist. Every day a treasure to be held on high, thank God we made it...was the whisper no one dared voice. I feel we must take their example in a way... why not treasure today? It was the lesson I learned from my most recent walk with the dead, and living. Tomorrow is but a fancy, this moment, you must adore, cherish...for you never know when your last will come. ~~~

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Thanks for your you ever post your photos for viewing (of the grave yards)?