The Longing Of The Departed Souls

I  love to go through graveyards spraying the graves with holy water.  We do not know what lies beyond for so many people.  If there is a fiery period of purgation for many then I hope the cool holy water brings spiritual and physical refreshment.

On All Souls Day last year I went to the Melbourne Cemetery.  I expected to see lots of people there paying their respects to and praying for their departed loved ones.  Instead, the cemetery was almost deserted.  I was wandering up and down the rows of graves with thoughts and prayers when suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed me.  A lady I hadn't seen smiled at me.  She was doing what I was doing.  She didn't speak much English but she sure did know the diminishing language of the Catholic Faith.  We spent a few moments just smiling at each other in the warmth of a family we knew we both belonged to with others invisible but surrounding us.

perseverer perseverer
56-60, F
Feb 22, 2010