Take A Walk

Take a long walk off a short pier was the expression my peers used to tell me. Back in those days the kids were simply more or less real jackasses by todays standards. L used to walk a lot and enjoyed it very much. It gave me solitude and enjoyment. Many years back knew a guy whop walked across the states. Not bad really yet his health was good. Think back to the early days of civilization around the whole universe. In ordr tyo get from point a to point be walking was most likely the best way. In early America they did it crossingthe land and ending up on the west coast. Despite the possible run in with the native people it might be fun.

Today people will laugh at you if one did this sort of thing. Me hey I live in Vhina today working and do some walking.Afraid of using the bike as the drivers are extremly horrible and many are killed thus it is more dangerous. Not bad if you are eager to trust the other guy but trust is not what I have in mind when using a bike. Any way just take a walk enjoy it and see what you can find.
honey624 honey624
56-60, M
Jul 27, 2010