The Lightning Walker

Well, you just say the word 'walking' in front of any of my friends, they will just tell you my name. i'm that much famous for my walking. I'm a very lean fellow, so don't have too much weight to carry.
During my first days in my new hostel, there was a group of 'early morning walkers'. i was pleased to join that group. but within 3 days, almost all of them said they won't walk with me anymore. They say "'m walking like wind! they just can't cope with me'. I'm pretty notorious in my village for this pace too. They describe me as 'that boy who jumps off the bus and flash towards his home like ligtning'. From main bus station, i live 2 kilometers away. there are many short distance bus services to my home, but i'm the only person in my village who hav'nt got in any of those buses ever. Almost all bus crew there knows me as a guy who challenges their bus on foot! I am very much fond of walking, no matter how long the way is.
dsvthampi dsvthampi
22-25, M
Jul 27, 2010