"i Love To Walk"

Years ago when i was in school, i would catch a bus from one of the street to the other and it was literally a 5 minute walk i was really lazy lol :-(
Then when i hit my teenage years, i started walking every where with my friends, i would'nt walk any where on my own, omg!!!! shaming!!
Then when i got married had children i took them every where with me to the park, up around the mountains we used to take the dog and the "lil uns" loved it,. Now they are adults they come walking with me and the dog every time,
I think a walk is invigorating and blows away the cobwebs, relieves stress and leaves you feeling refreshed oh! it is great, i enjoy walking, it is!!!!!, thee! finest exercise you, can have it besides swimming! lol it also helps if you are trying to lose weight :-)
welshbabe welshbabe
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

I've always loved walking as well. I always used to walk home from school every day (2. Miles).<br />
Like you I like walking in the mountains and the lakes.<br />
I've walked the cotswold way twice (45 miles in 2 days, the last time for a cancer charity).<br />
Like you say it's free. <br />
Haven't done a lot of it latley. I must start again.