Walking My Dogs

I love to walk, usually speed walking and I love to walk about 5-9 miles to get a good workout. I like to walk surrounded by nature. I love trail walking. Lately, it has been way too hot here in Texas to walk as much as I like. Morning is the best time to do it but unfortunately I am not a morning person. I have a hard time getting up early enough to beat the heat. Also, my dogs can't handle the heat well so they can't walk very far before they tire. I have an 11 year old poodle that will go and go and does not tire easily as long as she has plenty of water, and I have a little Yorky, almost 2 yrs old that poops out rather quickly, depending on the heat, and when he is tired he just plops down and pants. He will go no further. So I have to carry him. He only weighs 4 lbs so it's not too hard. I cannot wait for this weather to cool down so I can get back to my long distance walking again.
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Walking is a great way to stay in shape. There's a guy in my office that a year ago was built thickly like me. He's in his mid-50s like me. He's been steadly loosing weight. Lately, however, his weight is falling off rapidly. A few weeks ago he stopped in my office very excited to tell me that he had dipped below 200 pounds for the first time in years. I congratulated him and asked him to tell me his secret. He said that the only thing he had done was take a one to two-mile walk every day at lunch, and then 10-12 miles a day on Saturday and Sunday each. He has started stopping by my office to encourage me to walk with him, but here in DC the summer heat and humidity is so oppressive, there's no way I want to take a walk in shirt and tie to come back to the office a sweaty. I sure appreciate his effortst to motivate me to get back to my own exercise and weight-loss routine of several months ago. The point is that last week, I noticed that he seems even slimmer still, but also noticed that his face has achieved a youthful chiseled look. He stopped in on Thursday to tell me with considerable excitement that he had just weighed himself that morning and had dropped below 180. WOW! Thats where I want to be! <br />
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So keep up the good work yourself. I hope the cooler weather returns for you. On the other hand, getting the extra workout carrying your dog also doesn't hurt, but it sure cranks up the sweat factor for you!

hey ur lucky with that Texan sun but walking there's nothing like keeping in step.