My Favroute Places To Walk

iv always liked walking from a young age, iv loved the adventures me and my friend used to go on playing in the woods near to were i used to live in wilsthire, as i got older i went for bigger and steeper walks, aswell as longer walks, i went for a walk up the downs near calne with my friend tia and we had an amazing time, we walked around the white horse and rolled down the hills we had such a great time and we felt so alone there, i love the fact you can go for a walk around some places and get the sence and peace that you are truely alone were you can think straight and know that you are truely at one with nature.

i love walking up mountains too - my favroute myst be snowdon - in 2009 one afternoon i randomly decided i must go up snowdon, i had been meaning to do it for ages but today was going to do it - we left the car part at 10pm and got on the summit for 2am - and we were part way down by the time the sun rose and we got to see the whole sun rise whilst on the mountain, iv never seen anything so beautiful.

i have also done some walking on the italian dolomites (alps) and done some of the italian via ferratas that were there, tho they were scary and i wasnt so keen on them - think il stick to walking next time rather than a combonation of rock climbing and walking but 3000ft up in the air on a small ledge!

i love walking around lakes, very peiceful places to be, i also love walking through the woods, especally on a nice warm day because you can be shaded from the sun a bit wereas you can ton hill walks.

i absalutly love costal walks, i love walking on the cliff edges aswell as down on the shore lines, walking on the beach and paddling in the sea, lotts think as beach holidays as swimming in the water, surfing and relaxing on the beach - not me, i like taking photos, photography and of corse lots of coastal walks.
crafterkim crafterkim
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2012