Keep On Walking!

My parents used to walk me for miles when I was a kid! accross Dartmoor and Exmoor no matter what the weather.. I used to moan about it and constantly complain..

Now days I love it, I sometimes feel like I could just walk and walk especially when I have things on my mind!!

Now days my parents laugh at me as they remember how I used to be on our walks.. But I think deep down I really did enjoy it!!

nectarine nectarine
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I walk every day twice a day with my dog and I love it. I started walking 25 years ago when I moved to the countryside and bought my first dog, a collie My second dog is now 10 and I walk usually around the meadow by the river as we can be alone.Sometimes the cattle are in the meadow and once or twice we have been chased by them but they're fine mostly.The river shines in the sunlight, the red kites fly overhead.Occasionally I see a sapphire blue flash of a kingfisher or we disturb a heron in the reeds, and he flies away his huge wings flapping.In summer the damselflies and dragonflies glint in the sunlight with rainbow wings and iridescent bodies,enchanting me with their beauty.<br />
One year we had a little owl in the knarled oak tree, an unusual sight in the daylight hours.We have mallards, swans and Canada geese on the river and to see their young is a delight and touches my heart. I love walking, it is magical.

Lovely images :)

It really is a great way to stay in shape!!

and its so good for you to!!

No not yet! Perhaps she need to go for a walk, might speed things up.. X

Any babies yet? (((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))

Now I'm getting all confused!! which is easily done I know!

I think this is a lovely story, Nectarine!

Now your both just being mean!!

I love Dartmoor its one of my fav places ever

Thats great , datura

They were happy days! Now I walk with my kids.

And what have you got against walking??<br />
Anyway yes did the post boxes and stamped my paper, I think Cranmere pool was the hardest to find got a pic of me sat on that one somewhere..

I used to go with my gran .. they were very happy days

I always loved to walk with my dad. He would teach me about wild flowers and animal prints.

Oh .. yes, I guess that is possible ..<br />
<br />
Did you look for the letter boxes?

That's because for some reason it was alway's foggy! You probably walked right past me!!

Walks across Dartmoor???<br />
<br />
Thats me !!!<br />
<br />
I never saw you there once!!

It is a great way to get rid of the cob webs!!<br />
sadly my dad can't walk these day's as he has diabetes and his legs don"t work anymore, but we do sit down and chat about the walks we've been on and the exciting places we have been to..

My dad has always been a walker too. Even now, he is in his 50's and rarely drives anywhere! As a kid, I walked everywhere with him.. sports practices, the grocery store.. or just for plain old walks. To this day, I love it. And it is fabulous thinking time, or a great way to rid yourself of some frustrations!