Clears My Mind

During the work week when the weather is good I try to get outside for a lunchtime walk.  Most of the time I go alone.  It helps clear my mind and gets me through the rest of the day.  There are times when I can't get outside due to the weather and I'm almost falling asleep by the end of the day!

Morgause Morgause
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I used to do that when I worked at University Hospital. We had hour long lunches and a walk sure helped me forget about the patients and just be me for a little while!

Yup a walk can help clear the cobwebs inside the head!! The pleasure of taking a slow walk when the whole world seems to be running is exhilarating.. I feel you get connected more to the nature when u walk barefoot feeling the grass or mud beneath.