Wash Away the Dirt

I know this sounds silly.  But I love to wash clothes.  I think It is symbolic....lol.  I relate washing clothes to getting rid of the days dirt..  Applying it to my life by all the crap i have been through in a day or even in my life.  You put your clothes in and everything disappears.  If only for the moment.  When the washing process is over you have fresh clean clothes and can rewear them, without the evidence of a day gone wrong or  a life gone bad.  Like I said it is silly but think about it. What better way to portray hope in a distressed situation.  If we could only throw our real lives in the washer, clean it up and put it back on leaving only the color, design and the fit that works for us.  Now stains , yeah , they wont come out but those are the most important part of life, they look to ruin the clothes , but they are left there to remind us of what we did, kind of a second chance to get it rigjht the next time.  The stained clothes are the ones i wear when i clean my house, and when i wear them i wish i didnt have the stains on them because it was at one time a nice article of clothing, but i remember what i did to get the stain in the first place, and try hard not to do the same with another article of clothes.  Life related .... ya think?
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2 Responses Apr 2, 2007

strang as it is....I LOVE LAUNDRY DAY!! Just the smells of laundry powder and fabric softner. We live in the country and hang out clothes whenever possible. I am really picky about my laundry detergent and softner, too.

Cleanliness is next to Godly-ness! Judging by the stains on my shirts... WOW! Do I have some repenting to do!! <br />
I once was in a car wreck that I could have sued the driver's insurance to cover costs for constructive scar surgery on both my hands. I refused to sue, and left them there as a reminder of what drinking and RIDING can lead to! Stains and Scars = Spiritual growth??!! lol.