The First Time A Girl Sees My ****

Watching a girl's reaction to seeing my **** for the first time is one of the hottest turn ons for me.

My **** is 8 inches and uncut. And it's perfectly shaped and proportioned.

I know there are guys out there with bigger ***** than mine. I know this from personal experience - I've sucked a few monster ***** in the past- I'm bisexual leaning heavily to women but I like a cute guy with a big **** once in a while...but that's another story for another time.

I'll be honest with all you readers: if my **** was a little bigger - 9 inches or so - I wouldn't mind.

But I'm happy with my gorgeous 8 incher. It's more than a little bigger than the average guy's **** and big enough to satisfy every woman who I've put it in.

Sex is the best part of life and I love everything about it. I love feeling the sexual pleasure and thrill it gives me, but for me sex is more than just physical. Sex is also about desire and seduction and chemistry and the connection you make with a compatible sex partner. Sex is also about power and dominance and submission and surrender. Sex can be tender and loving or it can be rough and degrading and sometimes it's perverted and slutty. I've felt all of these from sex during my life and they all feel wonderful.

A man with a big **** feels power. I feel that power when I show mine to a woman for the first time.

A woman who has a man with a big **** feels lust. I see the lust in the eyes of every woman the first time she sees my big ****.

I can't even imagine what sex would be like if I was cursed to live my life with a small or even an average ****.

blacktopchaser blacktopchaser
46-50, M
1 Response Apr 13, 2011

rite on brotha,,, 100 percent agree,,,those who experience it know it,,