Subliminal Messages

It's one of those shows that you watch only to get a glimpse of what you felt as a kid when waiting for a really awesome cartoon to start.
I must admit though, that I first thought it was some weird stupid show that was there just to fill up cartoon network.
Hehe...I obviously grew to love it!^.^ Sure, it is a cartoon but it has so many subliminal messages for adults too. Honestly, I love the creator of this show and all I can say is...That he is awesome for making a cartoon that not only kids can enjoy but also grumpy grown-ups.
The heck, even my grandma laughed at one moment-- (a.k.a the person you'll never see,smile)
Props to my small sister, who introduced me to it:)
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hmmm, have you watched Rocko's Modern Life? That one was off the charts when it comes to subliminal messages...

It's a kids show and i watched it when i was 10.
No wonder i turned up like this. :(( lol

It's a pretty dark cartoon pretending to be a children's show.

I forking love this show so much. *Space bass*