We Feed Birds

My hubby and I live in Kentucky, where there are a lot of cardinals. We feed birds in our front and back yards and have cardinals living in both areas. There are a a lot of large evergreens on our street and the cardinals flit back and forth between them but we have a regular family that stays near us.

We have seen the female picking up twigs and things a couple of weeks ago, we thought she must be starting a nest.

We also see mourning doves and small birds.

Last year, we put out a feeder for goldfinches. My husband pooh-poohed it but we ended up with lots of them feeding off the one feeder.

I've also fed hummingbirds but don't attract them every year. Last year, we had a few; the year before, tons. They are very territorial, they will chase off other hummers near their feeder pretty ferociously.
dkeller52 dkeller52
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Apr 8, 2012