The Hummingbirds Are Coming Back!

I saw a post on FB about feeding hummingbirds and somebody said in the comments that the hummingbirds showed up in Georgia on Easter. That made me happy because I am just a couple of states up, which means hummingbirds may be here already, looking for a bottle of nectar to refresh themselves themselves from their long flight from South America. I got my hummingbird feeder out, made some nectar, and put it out, and now I am going to the window several times an hour and my ears are tired from listening for that distinctive fluttery hum.
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2 Responses Apr 3, 2013

<p>I envy you,we do not get hummimgbirds in Australia but we get some very colourful native birds and some birds which have been introduced by the settlers years ago.And I love them all,I feed them in my garden,I love my wood pigeons and the English blackbirds. We have tiny blue birds,very cheeky little things,absolutely adorable! and of course the little sparrows and crows,lets not forget them!

Like the idea of watching for or listening for birds. Think it is spring when the robins are back. For listening, this time of year its jays and crows. Feels that all is right with the world when the (what do you call a group of crows)crows come by every afternoon. Also we have a real loud frog out back. Don't think it is very big, but has a huge voice every evening. Suppose you can hear many more sounds being out in country. Our town is just loud.

Probably hard to find quiet places. Years ago, we looked at a piece of property in SE Oregon. 640 acres. Figured if we put a house in the middle, then we were at least half a mile from nearest people. Sometimes just want to get away from people, and watch the wild animals and birds. Am probably a little antisocial.

Camped once at a state park in Montana, on the south side of large reservoir. Think the place was called Hell's Creek State Park. Stayed a couple of days, and we were the only ones there. Loved having it to our selves. If that is hell, its were I want to go. Think there should be a place in hell for the motorbike riders without mufflers, or straight pipes. Had some that wanted to ride through our campsite in Colorado some years ago. Finally strung up some ropes. They quit.