Peaceful Fun!

It's been a while, since I've done this. But yes, there is a nice parkway, not too far from where I live. There is a path were the joggers and the bicyclists roam. And on the opposite side, there is a stretch of park, with lots of trees and benches and glass... at the end of that is the river. So every spring through summer, there are ducks there! :-)

I use to visit that place, with a HUGE bag of popcorn, and just feed the ducks. It was always nice there and peaceful. I do miss it sometimes. I must remember to not get so busy with life and take a moment to go there and feed the ducks sometime. :-D

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

It's kind of along the lines of "stop and smell the roses!"<br />
It is relaxing and fun at the same time!