Ducks and Geese

I remember years ago we would go downtown to Princess Island Park or Bowness Park and bring a couple of loaves of bread and feed the ducks and geese.  My kids loved doing this, I have so many pictures of my kids as toddlers and all these feathered ducks and geese swarming around them eating up all the bread crumbs.  We would spend an afternoon doing this it was a cheap day out and the kids had a blast. 

We had to stay on a budget when the kids were growing up as I stayed at home with them while my husband worked and it was so great and cool to find cheap things to do with the kids and even to this day my kids look up at the sky and watch the geese fly by and always remember the days we feed the ducks and geese.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
2 Responses Mar 29, 2009

Yeah swans are mean sometimes but beautiful to see. <br />
Grins yup still look at the pics of the kids feelding the ducks. so cute lol

Have many birds , feed hummingbirds now ,, great relaxation ,, ;o) pictures are priceless ..