On My Patio

I've got two suet cages and a finch sock feeder on my patio. The smaller birds made a mess out of the finch sock, the seeds are everywhere. But I get all types of birds. A little bit ago, I saw a huge blue jay. I tried to get close enough to my sliding glass door to take a picture, but I scared him away. I also get blackcapped chickadees, two different types of woodpeckers, finches, tufted titmice, European Starlings, and a few new ones that I haven't figured out quite what they are yet. Let me just tell you that those starlings are big pigs and they are very mean to the smaller birds. I've been scaring them away lately because they don't give the smaller birds a chance to get at the food.
DietIcedTea DietIcedTea
36-40, F
May 7, 2009