The New York Mess, I Mean Mets

I haven't been watching much major league baseball this year. I've only been watching the Mets.  What I'm watching is my baseball team turn into the Kansas city Royals.  I've been watching the team longer then Freddie Coupon has own the team.  Since the World Series in 1986, this has been the reign of incompetence.  This owner has sat major league baseball back a hundred years in NY.  We managed to sign our 1 star player, who is good but no hall of famer.  The picture who won the Cy Young award for us is being dangled as trade bait because we can't afford him.  The Mets have no out fielders who belong in the majors but we will not be buying any free agents to fill the hole, unless they come real cheap, which means they are broken.  I expect another long season.  Maybe at least they will make me think they are a real team up until the middle of June before their usual swoon.  By August I'm usually looking for the team I'll be rooting for to beat the Yankees. If I've got to suffer, so should Yankee fans. But I'll be back because I'm a fan.
holloway64 holloway64
46-50, M
Dec 4, 2012