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I am watching Big Brother 12 right now for a reason. After Annie was eliminated first week as the saboteur, I lost all interest and stopped watching it the day Andrew was kicked out of the house.

I decided to suck it up and watch the season since everyone says that it's so entertaining, so I decided to watch it on youtube. I am completely blown back. One of the reasons is for the fact that they asked Ragan to be the new saboteur and he said yes. Second, was the fact that Matt got the Diamond Power of Veto and totally blindsided Kathy, blindsided Enzo and Hayden as well as Brendan. It was the perfect victory for Brittany, Ragan and Matt, who's side I am totally and completely on. I think that their little alliance is just fantastic.

I mean, who are they fooling? The freaking Brigade wants Matt out of the house?? ****..what have Lane, Enzo and Hayden done to keep the Brigade in power? 98% of it was Matt winning it for everyone and doing all the dirty work, sneaking around and making sure the entire alliance was safe by being friends with everyone in the house and having full control over all of them and they want to get RID of him? That is the saddest alliance I have seen yet. I mean when I heard of the Brigade and how much my friends talk about it I was for sure hoping it would be a lot better than that pathetic mess. I mean, the Friendship Alliance from BB6 was a lot better than the Brigade.

The thing I dislike about that entire alliance was the fact that Matt was doing all the work with the exception of Hayden winning one HOH and Enzo is up there, sitting in the throne, acting like a king, calling himself the " meow meow " like he's the Don of the place.. and yet he hasn't done diddly squat through out the competition.

I mean we got the " Meow meow", the Beast, the Animal and the Brains.

I say that it's the Kitten, The Floater, The Sheep Dog and the Master King Genius.

Best of all, Britney just won HOH and she is for sure going to put up Brendan but hopefully, she back doors him. I mean that would be the best, everyone make a deal to take someone off the block, get Brendan out.
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I never watched big brother ever. maybe i will when i get one of those board-out-of-my-mind days.

It's not bad and it really depends on what season you watch. One of my most favorite seasons was Season 5, I also liked Season 11 and you don't need to go by season's either to learn it all, they have an annoying overused ritual that they speak as if it's a line from a movie script but some of them break the entire speech by giving it their own twist, like Nakomis from season 5 ( thank god ) I would recommend watching 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 before you watch 7, which is an all stars. It will make so much more sense if you do.

OK I'll try to sit still and watch besides I have nothing planned for this weekend anyways.

YOU SHOULD WATCH THE ONE IM WATCHING!! We could gush about it I would have someone to gush with!! The guy that has all the episodes to Season 12 is BeerVille.



let me write this stuff down before i forget

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