Big Brother 12 - Matt

I thought he was such a cool guy until I realized that the whole thing with his wife's rare disease was a lie to get him further in the game. Meanwhile, he lies to Kathy's face who has battled cancer for 10 years. It was disgusting and completely disrespectful. In that moment, I felt very proud of Brendon and Rachel for standing up to Matt and standing behind Kathy. That was very good on there part.

The worst was that Matt seemed like he was proud of his lie. It seemed like he liked the attention and the anger and guilt wasn't registering in his brain. Every time either of them told him that he was sick and evil, he would just nod and say " I know.." with a proud tone in his voice. I don't understand why he would do something that low.
HappyZappyZaperson HappyZappyZaperson
26-30, T
Jan 26, 2013