Who Wants To Watch Us ****???

Me and my girlfriend are looking for people to watch us **** on webcam and then maybe in person depending on your location.  Wana tell us what to do? were all yours!  We would also love to watch other couples **** too. No need to pay for webcams, we will do what ever you ask. Skype video chat is preferred.

Whos up for it?
lustfullovers lustfullovers
26-30, F
18 Responses Oct 11, 2011

We are up for it, skype username thefuckgods

we would love to watch you on Skype-address gator3636h

i love watching cpls play on my demand y msng yourwife_mydick

We are up for it, bigtime

whts ur skype?

I just sent you a message....

kira13a1 add me if you guys are still up for it

We are a sexy couple M 30 and F 27 that would love to play online. Message me if you are interested.

yes we are interested. pls send ur skype id

Add me... a.d.labuschagne

Add me:<br />

I'm 18 with a 7 in **** and would love to jack off while I watch you two **** each other hard. Add me on skype: dbye125

My wife & I would love to watch the 2 of you on webcam and, perhaps you can watch us too . Add us on skype my id is fitariabuz

would love to watch you both

I would love to watch you guys, msg if interested.

Add me nefarious.nef on Skype. 32 yo guy who LOVES Skype play.

i love to see :)


My wife & I would love to watch the 2 of you on webcam and, perhaps, in person. I'd love to anytime, but she's got to be in the right sort of mood, especially if you wanted to watch us too -- and since we've got kids, it's often tough to find the time just for the 2 of us! Still, if there's anyway we could work it out, we would, so keep us in mind. Where are you2? We're near Philadelphia.

skype? cpl here

Back when I posted that, I was sure that my wife would finally do it. However, it's now been over a year and a half, and while she still gets turned on by the idea sometimes and is even cool with me playing around a bit, she still stops short. So, if you'd let me Skype with the 2 of you, that would be great, but I doubt that my wife would join us after all.

I've never done anything like this before. What is involved?

id love to watch, and take part! whats your skype name?