Kids In Your School Are Like Degrassi Students

Degrassi has characters that are so unique and different.. and it's amazing to see these kids grow up just like you are.. These kids arent superheros.. They are just regular kids in a regular life.. They have things happening at school.. But we all do..

I know some people look at them and say "no that doesn't happen at my school" Maybe the shooting and that stuff doesn't happen but what about the kids? Everyone has a kid in their class that are either gay or sexually confused.. Somewhere in your school there is a cutter.. If you look closely you can find a rape victim or someone on a Crash diet or someone with anorexia.. Kids just like the ones are around.. And you may not notice because it's a secret..

When your watching the show degrassi then you see whats happening through their eyes.. But when you're at school you can only see through your own eyes.. That is why you may not notice those things.. But they do happen and they are around your school whether you have seen it or not..
HeartAndWings HeartAndWings
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013