Road Trip ?

I called my uncle that night and told him we wanted him to visit the next night. He was a little confused. He was just told it would be weeks maybe months before he could get together with us. He told me it would have to be early because my aunt didn't want him driving at night. I heard my aunt in the background saying something about driving at night. Was he talking about the situation in front of my aunt? Did he tell her? I realized she must have walked in and caught a bit of the tail end of our conversation when I heard him tell her, I wanted to know if he would take a ride with me tomorrow to Texas, work related. Would be a long drive. I heard her say oh...yeah, you can go if it was ok with his boss. I told him that was slick. He laughed, asked what time I was gonna pick him up. I told my wife about the call, she laughed and said how bad he was. Then she had a look of concern on her face when I told her he was gonna stay the night. She didn't expect that. The next day I called a buddy of mine to see if I could borrow his truck, he said it was cool. My buddy has a white truck that looked plain like a typical company truck but without the decals. I went pick up my uncle, he had his shave kit and a small bag. He thought I bought that truck and was surprised I used this as a cover up tactic. We drove back to my buddy's house to return his truck and pick up my car. We stopped by the store on our way home to pick up some liquid encouragement. I filled him in about my wife ready for sex. He went look at condoms, he said since we didn't discuss that, he wanted some just in case. He got a big box, looked at me and said, just in case. My wife uses aqua lube sometimes, so I picked up a bottle and said, just in case. We got to my house and my wife wasn't back from dropping my son off at his friends house. It early afternoon, and we started drinking without her. She came back with some take out, we ate, drank, had the tv on but we were talking to much to watch. My wife put it on a music channel. It was a normal afternoon so far. My uncle suggested we all just get naked. My wife said that would be fun but wanted to wait until the sun went down. My uncle said he missed his nap, my wife told him to go lay down for a while. He asked her to go tuck him in. She followed him in the bedroom. She came out a couple of minutes later and closed the door. She told me he asked for a blow job but she just petted his **** like it was a puppy and left him alone. It got dark, he was still napping. I said it was dark and we could get naked now. She said it would be fun but he needed to be up for that. He walked out the room about an hour later, naked. I took my clothes off. He asked my wife if she needed help with hers, she said maybe. Me and my uncle took her clothes off in seconds. My uncle took a long look at her, said, I'll drink to that. So he went make a drink then we were chilling out in the living room. The phone rings, I check the ID, it was from my uncles house so I made my wife answer the phone. We were frozen while she was on the phone. She hangs up and looks at my uncle, his wife called his cell to check on him to make sure everything was ok, when she called him that goofball left his phone at home. He said he left it because he didn't want to talk to her. So we had my wife call her back, we were fine if we needed something or any delays we would call. We sat there talking naked. I was wondering how much longer can we act like we were normal, the way my wife kept looking at my uncle, and him looking at her. Not long. My wife went get us more drinks and when she brought them she bent down right in front of him. He leaned forward and gave her a lil slap on her butt. She sat down next to him. They were rubbing each others legs, she told him that tonight was gonna be more than a blow job and reached for his ****. He smiled and asked about condoms. After a small discussion, we agreed none. We finished our drinks while they rubbing and touching each other. They were whispering to each other and I couldn't make out what they were saying. They both got up and went into the bedroom. I went in behind them. They were hugging each other and he laid her down on the bed. He climbed on top of her and was kissing her neck and playing with her ****. He moved down to make out with her **** and started rubbing around her ***** gently. This went on for a while. He finally rubbed his fingers between her lips and she let out a moan and arched her back. He moved his mouth right to her ***** and stared licking. She was going crazy with her moaning. When she would pick up her hips he would move his head back and stop licking. He kept doing that for a while too. She tried to move to a 69, but he wouldn't let her. He kept teasing her with his licks. Had to be at least half an hour of his licking so far. She tried to move again and he moved up on her, he went up and kissing her neck squeezing her nipples. He rubbed his **** on her ***** and she reached for it while spreading her legs wider to help guide it in. But he moved down again and started kissing her **** and rubbing his hand near her *****. I could tell by the tone of her moans she was frustrated. He then put two fingers in her really slow. You could hear how wet she was. He took them out and rubbed around some more. He then put three fingers in her. He jammed them in really quick, and was going in and out really fast. She went nuts with a crying scream bucking her hips with our sheets in a death grip. I could hear the juices in her and see it shooting out over his hand and wrist as he kept finger ******* her so fast. I had never seen her *** so hard. That was intense. He seemed to know when she finished her ******, she never stopped moving. He pulled his fingers out and laid down next to her. His big limp **** ready for attention. He didn't have the pillow adjusted under his head and she had his **** in her mouth. It looked like her hand was glued to her lips as she stoked and sucked faster than I ever seen. She was grunting like some starving wild animal. By the time he licked his fingers cleaned he was rock hard. She let her grip go and used her hand to steady herself. Her other hand she was rubbing herself the same fast speed her head was moving up and down. She was still grunting then I saw her juice shooting out of her *****. I never saw her squirt before. Her head and her rubbing slowed down. She crawled up on top of him. Her chest on his. He grabbed her *** with both hands. Her *** lifted up and he used one hand and grabbed his **** and tilted it to her *****. A couple of misses, and he made it. She pushed up with her arms and slid her hips down. He moaned when she screamed as she slid down his **** slowly but with force. She slid more than half way down. After the fourth stroke he was all in. She was moaning and moving faster with her hands on the bed by his head. He was leaning up hands on her breasts and nibbling at her hard nipples. Then she put her hands on his chest to sit up, she moved her hips in a circle a couple of times grinding him. She was interrupted because he pulled her down chest to chest again and started pumping her hard and fast from underneath. He had her screaming those crying moans again. It seemed she was trying to sit up but any space she would create between their chests he would pull her close and tight. She was loud with that crying moan and her juice was leaking out covering his balls and making a small puddle on the bed. Then he slowed his pumping to a stop. They rolled over and he stayed in her so he was on top. She was looking up at him wide eyed and breathing hard. I think they forgot I was there. He started pumping really slow. He would go all the way in then pull it almost all the way out. When he would sink it it she would let out a satisfying moan, and when he was on his backstroke with maybe just a little of his head left, she she had an anticipating gasp. There eyes were locked as he continued to **** her really slow. She kept the moaning and gasps as he ****** her. She had her arms on his shoulders but moved them to his ***. She was trying to thrust up on his **** to speed up. He kept his slow and steady pace. He was teasing her again. She was begging him to go faster, but he kept his slow speed. When she would start moving her hips faster he would put more of his weight on her and she would stop. This went on for a long time. She had a super ****** building inside of her. She might have known but I doubt it. I sure didn't. Her moaning got loader and he lifted up from her. Put his hands on her hips to keep her from bucking. Then she let out these long screams that matched his really slow pumping action, and closed her eyes for the first time he was on top of her. He was holding her hips to keep them from moving but I think she accepted the fact that she might be having her first ever slow and long drawn out ******. With every stroke from him and scream from her I saw the puddle get bigger where she laid. Her screams lasted almost a minute. She was actually crying. He then started ******* her fast. Her eyes opened back up. She was in shock I think. She started moving her hips right away. Looking up at him in disbelief. Her moans had a little grunt in them. She was ******* again, that quick. He let some moans out of his own. He was ******* in her. He stayed on top of her until she pushed on him and he rolled over. His **** was soaked with their ***. She grabbed his **** and started sucking him clean while she slowly rubbed her *****. She cleaned him up some and laid her head by his shoulder. Still moaning softly and rubbing her ***** slowly. It looked like his **** was harder now than before she sucked him clean. He caught his breath before her and asked her if he did ok. She laughed because he knew she was never ****** like that before. She told him thank you and she was still breathing pretty hard. He asked her if they could do it again later. She said she definitely needed a break. I think I startled them when I asked who wants a drink. Their heads popped up and they had blank expressions on their face looking at me sitting on side of the bed. My uncle spoke and said he wanted one, then my wife said she would take one too. When I was making our drinks I was wondering if my wife would be ok because my uncle was going to be here until tomorrow afternoon. My wife really had great sex with a really old **** for the first time. The second time was even better.
CCLapin CCLapin
41-45, M
Sep 5, 2012