Two Much Dirty Talk

The next morning things heated up after breakfast. My uncle and my wife were flirting, rubbing, touching each other. They were talking about the things they would and wanted to do to each other. Their conversation led back to the bedroom. Continuing to talk dirty while they started to have sex, my uncle was asking her if she would like to try another old guy. He would tease her by pausing his strokes until her answers were sounding like she was begging for another old guy. It was really hot hearing his questions to her when she came.
Taking a break, on the side, he told me he could get one of his buddies to come over if I wanted. When they were talking, I thought it was just dirty talk, I wouldn't have took his questions to her as serious. Did she think the same? Would she? With a stranger? I agreed, she could always say no if she didn't want to. He called his buddy and gave him directions. My uncle suggested it be a suprise for my wife.
After my wife took a bath, they started playing around again. We went back to the bedroom. She was sucking him and I decided to wait in the kitchen for the old guy to show up. I was back and forth, from the bedroom door to the kitchen window. They were still talking dirty. Finally the old guy showed up, I went outside to greet him. I told him what was going on. We walked inside and entered the bedroom. My uncle was on top and when she saw me and the old guy walk in she freaked at first, but my uncle started to bring her to bliss. The old guy dropped his pants and boxers in one motion and quickly moved himself so he had his thing close to her face. She kept her eyes closed and my uncle was reminding her of what she agreed to. The old uncut guy now had it touching her lips and chin. With every gasp she made, her mouth opened wider. He was soft and now in her mouth when she came. It was exciting to hear her moans muffled for a change. My uncle finished right after and moved away. She sat up and the old guy laid crossways on the bed. He wasn't that soft anymore, but it wasn't standing up on its own. She continued to give a ******* to this guy. Me and my uncle watched. Soon she lifted her head, sat back on her knees with her mouth opened a little, as his load dripped out of her mouth on to her breasts.
We all went sit in the living room and talked awhile. Everyone was good with what just happened. My wife said she wouldn't do anything more than a ******* for the old guy, that was fine with him. Later, we went back to the bedroom and my uncle and his friend did their thing with my wife. In the afternoon my uncle's buddy brought my uncle home from our road trip. My wife said later that me and my uncle need to go on road trips more often.
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Wow, that is a sexy wife.