I Want To Know What Make You Want To **********

I read your stories - I know I love to watch you playing with yourself and *******

But what starts you off
What thoughts makes you wanna **********?
And how often do you do it?
And how many times do you ***?

I love watching you **********

It just looks so sexy when a women plays with herself

And the sounds she makes

The "ooh" and the "agh" as she gets near to the point of no return.

And she closes her eyes and what does she fantasize about at that point ??

My **** entering her, or a previous bf??
But she ****, and it's so noisy, and nearly animalistic.
Her hand moves so quickly as she *******

And then she ****

Such a pleasure to watch

And if I'm lucky, she does it again, and again, and............

expressomarkie expressomarkie
Dec 2, 2012