I Want To See Her Desperate To Pee

I want to watch you.
You just said "I really need to pee bad"
I can see you are desperate.
The way you are holding yourself, and you can't keep still.
You stand up, then sit down again.
Your rocking back n forth, back n forth.

You rub your hands up and down your tight blue jeans, and I know now, that it's not going to be long before you can't hold any more.

I'm getting real horny watching her- she real desperate now.
And the way she keeps rubbing her crotch, I think she's horny as well.

She stands up again. She presses her hands tightly against her crotch.

She tries crouching down, but that's worse.
She let's out a little spurt.
The material in jeans, instantly changes to a darker colour.

She stands on one leg, then the other.
She bops up and down.
Shes nearly in tears, she can't hold it for any longer.
The pain
The pleasure.

She tries to walk across the room, as if to make towards the bathroom.

As she walks, a large, dark, wet mark runs down her right inside leg.
She clutches herself, desperately trying to hold her pee.
But it's too late.
It's been so many hours - she just can't hold any more.

And her sweet pee is now soaking the front of her jeans.

And now it's running down the front of both legs.

Her tight-fit jeans, which were light blue, are now now dark blue, and soaked.
She makes small wimpering noises as she pees herself
She now commits to the fact, that nothing can stop her pee from pouring out of her- her muscles won't hold it any more.
So she releases her aching muscles
She let's go, and a Sudden gush, pours down her jeans, and floods onto the wooden floor.

She is in ecstasy - as am I, watching her.

Her jeans are completely soaked- they are dark blue and shiny, completely transformed by her pee

And a huge puddle surrounds her feet.

She just stands there, peeing her jeans. Her knees are pressed together tightly, and she can't stop peeing- it feels like gallons if the stuff is just running down her legs.

Now I'm very turned on, and when she finishes her pee, she will remove her jeans, revealing her soaked pink panties.

She will lay on the floor, in her pool of pee, and she will ********** furiously, through her soaked undies.
I've watched her do it before.
She always does the same thing.
And it always makes her horny
And it always makes me horny too


expressomarkie expressomarkie
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Sounds fun ;)

Would love you to join in ...

Any time you want. I'm your girl.

Mmmmh ... Wow !!