Hey there,
My female friend and I once went to an event by the christan youth in my hometown in summer. It wasn't very reilious more like having fun together and goofing around and we had a swimming pool with sponges to throw at each other, so my friend and I got each other completely soaked. I jokingly said "if we peed our pants, nobody would even notice." Abd she answered "Thats woth a bet." So we went away from the party and went into another friends backyard. "You go first" she said to me. So i started peeing myself (which was hard with half a ***** in my pants). When I was done she said "okay here I go" and she started to pee herself too. After she was done she took off her shoes and poured the pee in them over my nipples. After that we gave each other a hug in our wet and pissy cloths and went home to me where we showered, she borrowed some of my cloths and we went back to the party like nothing happened.

Hope you enjoy my true story:)
jojoojo jojoojo
18-21, M
Aug 16, 2014