Leaving The Bar

I don't know when it started but I love to watch girls pop a squat outside and pee.

One time last summer i had left the bar and was waiting for my friend at his truck so I sat inside the truck . All of the sudden I could here these girls laughing and giggling outside the truck so I turned to see both of them with the panties around their ankles and peeing right beside the truck. I guess they thought no one was around, but thank god the windows were tinted because I could not turn away.

I found myself so turned on that I almost jerked off right there, but wasn't sure when my buddies were going to arrive. It was such a turn on, and I am definatly going to always sit in the truck when ever I am waiting again.

CompJunkie89 CompJunkie89
22-25, M
Mar 4, 2010