Shoe Play

Not only do I love to watch other girls play with their shoes, I love to do it as well. I started doing that in school and soon I realized some of the boys were really watching what I did especially if I was barefoot or wearing stockings or pantyhose instead of socks. They seemed not to care too much if they could not see my feet. So I continued doing it ever since then. If I am in a doctor's office or somewhere like that, I will do it the whole time I am waiting. And you would not believe the reaction I get. I do it in line at a grocery store. When I get in my car to go home, I always take my shoes off. If I need to stop to get gas, I get out barefoot or in my stockings. Again, that garners a huge amount of attention. I did it just last week and the guy beside me just about broke his neck trying to watch me as I moved around! I tear up a lot of stockings/pantyhose doing that but it is worth every penny.
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i could watch you all day long doing shoe play babe

It all started for me in grade school. Loved seeing my teachers shoeplay with their heels, stocking feet and most of all bare foot. Our music teacher always shoeplayed bare feet in flats. Loved it. Thinking back, I'm pretty sure she knew it was an arousal for me. same for another teacher, she definitely knew it turned me on. I began to shoe play as a way of copying, which led to me wanting to fulfill what i was eager to see/ watch. Being male it seemed weird considering i never saw other boys/ males take off their shoes, socks and play with their feet. but needless to say it gave me an awesome pleasurable feeling... My ultra euphoria was that i was always trying not to be seen by the other kids, teachers or adults. Sure i couldn't be 100% un-detected of my bare feet completely out in the open, but the feeling was so intense, i couldn't help but continue on. after school the shoe play was over. I didn't do it everyday either. Later on as a teen I wanted to really be out there for people, old and young to see my shoe play. I still carefully practiced trying not to be overly exposed, but eventually the pleasure i felt overcame to my inhibition. At the public library dozens of times... sneakers and socks on to start my shoeplay. Then i remove my socks to expose my bare feet. I'll shoeplay in and out of the sneakers, frequently cross one foot over the ankle, eventually cross both legs in my chair bare soles in view for anyone that looks on.... very similar at the bookstore as well. only difference there is the lack of tables or desks so i'm doing the same shoeplay in the chair just no table underneath. I prefer the table. My whole thing from that start of a very young age (8,9) to date, is that i believe i am the best shoe player . My only clutch or dissatisfaction is that i can't do it freely with out the care that most if not all woman have. I see males bare foot in public places, restaurants etc, etc. But i really don't believe it is a fetish to them.And of course i still love watching woman do it. I prefer to see female. But I know deep down inside I shoe play the best!!

Hi, thank you for telling us about your shoeplay. Have you completed any of the shoeplay polls. I think you would enjoy them.

i have a case on searching why some girls naturally doing shoeplay,not every one them like you knew about the attraction they make with playing with their shoes,do you mind if i ask you why exactly do you shoeplay? is this for make guys hot? or what?

that was explain everything,you are absolutely right almost every man has crash on that.

I'll bet he did. I've always had a thing for shoe dangling. Not sure why, as I don't have a foot fetish, but if a woman plays with her shoes and she happens to be wearing hosiery, it will capture my attention.

How old r u now n do u still shoeplay n do u njoy it

I love women like you. I've loved watching girls slip off their shoes and play with them ever since second grade. My favorite place to watch women shoeplay is at the library? Ever find yourself there?

Shoe play and dangling.. Love it. Gets me going everytime. ;-)

I started playing with feet at age 11 with my aunt...... I have been hooked every since..... omg you are the perfect woman.


I guess i was just obsessed with ***** mmmmmmmmmmmmstill am

wow love the hose and stockings and didn't realize there is so much interest in shoe play...........guess i loved it too and just never thought about it ..........always thinking about what was up above mmmmmmmmm

A girl in heels is the perfect sight for me, if she plays with them.....MMMMMM

I think if it falls off it is even more sexy. A girl is generally more selfassured when she wears heels. When she plays with them and one falls off, it is like if the "invincible" part of the girl is ruined, she isn't perfect anymore at that moment and has to scramble to put it back on again (which is also a lovely arousing sight to see a girl putting on a pump without touching it with her hands)
It makes her more "accessible" because the godess changes into a regular, be it sexy, girl.
So yes...drop your heels when you are teasing men. If you pick them up, look discretely towards their crotches, you might see some movement in there !
Would certainly be the cas if I was to watch.
by the way: The noise of the dropping shoe touching the floor is also a sexy noise

Wow, I can't believe how open and cool you are with playing with your shoes and inticing other guys. Ide love to be in a situation where you were there, i think there's nothing sexier than a girl who plays with her shoes, women are very sexy aswell, especially in nylon and heels. Im in university at the moment, there are alot of girls who do this but i go to places to watch shoeplay my self.<br />
Thanks for your time

I think it's amazing. There's not much else better than a woman slipping the heel of her shoe off her foot and letting it dangle.

i love the way you think!

So cool, I love to see women playing with shoes and walking outside in nylons. Yummy.