I love watching lesbian videos, movies, shows or the like not just those with sex scene. But it also turns me on when there is. my favorites are imagine me & you, I can't think straight, among others. I also like lesbian couples from tv series like jay&maia (shortland st), Callie&arizona (grey's anatomy), sophie&sean (coronation st) and the lists goes on.. But most of the times especially the series episodes, these videos don't have happy ending.
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4 Responses Sep 2, 2014

did u miss the L word or you dint like it..

Have ever scene running on empty dreams ?

But it has a sad ending..

But I though it was a good movie

Yes it was.

Have you ever watched Bloomington?

No but I have seen some scenes in youtube. I don't know where I can access the whole movie. It's really great based on the scenes I've watched. I really like to watched it.

You definitely should!

Do u watch the show called the fosters on abc family?

Yes.. I love that show. But haven't watched it lately.

It's a good show!!