Little House Sparrows

The other day i went to my MD appointment and outside the ticket booth for this outside parking lot, there was a flock of little house sparrows, pecking away at something yellow. Saw one fly in my direction with a yellow something, at least 1/2 the size of it's body. It crossed the city street and i lost sight of it. What WAS it holding in it's beak? Then suddenly i saw a shower potato chips fly out the window of the ticket booth, onto the asphalt outside the guy's window. A whole flock of busy,noisy little sparrows excitedly went to work devouring the chips. When i came out 40+ minutes later, the chips, crumbs, birds everything was gone, like it had never happened. I commented on how amazing nothing was left to the ticket taker, he said this is their routine "every day". What a funny picture it was.
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Jul 17, 2010