Can I Just Say...(spoiler Warning)?

   I just ******* love where they are going with this whole 'Locke is the smoke monster' direction. Who better to take on this enigmatic change than the incredibly talented Terry O'Quinn. Who better to play three different versions of the same character, and make it so believable?  (Just for clarity, he doesn't have three versions at the same time; the first version is the Locke who crashed on the island and lasts until the end of season 4, the second is the 'smoke monster' version we get glimpses of in season 5, and who now is the prime mover of the series, and the third Locke is the one in the 'flash sideways')

Obviously, I have just watched the third episode of the final season, and I say it is back to form for the Lost writers. This episode had everything a classic episode of Lost needs: Great acting, great writing, plenty of mystery, not too many 'WTF?' moments, lots of criss-crossing, and most importantly...the NUMBERS. Speaking of which, what is the deal with the fact that in that cave there is no 'number' for Austen, Kate's last name? Is this an oversight, or is it because she's special, somehow? It probably ultimately means nothing, but it's bugging me. 

Anyhow, in contrast to last week's absurd and convoluted events with Jack, the Korean dude and Sayid, the beats of the Locke/Sawyer story this week were nice and low-key. Sawyer is always best when he is bitter, but it wasn't overdone and the relationship between these two, with Locke enticing Sawyer through the use of his bitterness was just sublime. God, I hope this keeps up.

Overall, yes, it's frustrating that there are so many LOST questions to be answered and loose ends to be tied up, and yet the LOST team doesn't show any signs of doing that. If anything they are creating even more confusion. But, if it's in service to the great story-telling we are being treated to, then so be it.

Here's hoping for an appearance by Mr. Eko before the show is over.


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Feb 19, 2010