I love seeing people cook in pressure.. Yea im a girl so a bit of drama lol

But its their talent that gets me.. I wud really love to taste some of those food lolol since i havent tried fine dining lol

Love it when Gordon Ramsay laugh lol XD

Overall YUM!!!!!
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I also like Hell's Kitchen which is currently running. I think they're down to the last 5/6 contestants so it'll be over soon. They usually show it from start to finish in re-runs after the season is complete.

Masterchef just started its new season yesterday with a 2 hour premiere. Judge Joe Bastianich has left the show to be replaced by Christina Tosi, a pastry chef and owner of a few restaurants.

That is so cool !! I'm such a big fan of the food network, always was, don't know if you get this network where you're from .... but its awesome ... If you like the cooking channel with a little pressure on the side, I recommend "Iron chef" , "Chopped", & this third one isn't much of a cooking show, but they bring the aspect of it in it, the name is "bar rescue" I highly recommend bar rescue, you should youtube it sometimes : )

XD imma check that out once done with masterchef lolol but its a long way before that ends ahahahah

Darn i just wish i cud taste their creations lol i wont judge i swear lolol just wanna know how those yummy stuff tastes like XDD

trust me, check out bar rescue .... I promise you're going to become a fan lol the show is all good that they are in their 5th/6th season & still going strong

i love watching masterchef too! i prefer Masterchef Australia though compared to US or UK :)