Part Of Getting To Know Each Other....

Watching a man ********** is totally hot.... but also highly important to me.... I not only get turned on watching them, but I see what they like done to them, where their most sensitive spots are... how much pressure they like, how long they keep going after their first spurt...

And having them watch me... well !!!! ... how hot can you get? Plus they get to see what I like, the rhythm that gets me off... how long I go after *******... what else I like...

And for that time of month when some other things might be a bit too messy, this is a definite must!
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
26-30, F
20 Responses Aug 4, 2010

That's hot! I am ready for my close up btw ;)
What is your favorite site for perving?

;) Msg me if you're still interested x3

Watch me? ;)

Like to watch sweetheart?

I Love the Way You Think:)

The instructive part is very important, but I also like the pleasure we get from seeing how much the other person is turned on by what I'm doing and that works both ways, so it builds and builds and you kind of pull each other higher and higher.

like to watch me?

so beautiful, and i could not describe it any better....


Love the pic.

I love doing it especially when I ********* just as the woman watching me **** too!

I've done this for gf's but now with the net its great to do it on cam and get feedback or watch the woman doding it too

I already have a Man for that. Thanks though.

That goes both ways!

I agree with 678iop, I have been asked to ********** as a woman watches and I love doing it knowing it gives them pleasure.


hot hot hot... am I right?

Who wouldn't?

Like I said,it is not just fun, it's also instructive!

Love it...very erotic sharing experience.