Only He Knows

The other morning I had not slept the night before. And I thought Hubby was still asleep, so I was being quiet. I opened the bedroom door and he was looking at his phone and I startled him~ then I got a view of his HUGE, HARD ****!! He was jacking off!! Well I just started peeling off my clothes and asked him if I could watch too!! And asked him to carry on. It was so f'n hot!! We ****** for hours. LOL
I find it SOOO SEXY when I know Hubby is going to/is/or already did **********!! It's so sensual, so intimate. Quite often I ask him to stroke himself for me during sex~ I get off watching his fingers grip his own engorged **** and begin to pleasure himself in a way that only he knows. Only he knows the EXACT pressure squeezing on his throbbing head as the thumb slides upward from a long stroke. I love to hear him gasp as he begins to pump faster ~ my ***** juices making a delicious squishy sound. This is usually as far as we make it. Either I have to suck or **** him.... Of he has to have my mouth around his rock hard, precum tipped ****
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16 Responses Jan 10, 2013

If there's one posting that I should credit today with prompting me to **********, it's this one! I do love your attitude.

I agree, HisWetWife, but friends who share a healthy hobby like ************ would be especially nice, don't you think? ^^*

I love the sound of a squishy *****.:)

do you think he likes getting caught?

I love it when my wife watches and then helps too!

I wish my wife had that attitude. I can't tell you how many times I've jacked off and wished she would join me.

Just imagine two guys sitting side-by-side stroking each others ***** while watching you finger yourself. Now that really ******* hot!

Very nice!

Cool story.....please add me

great short story, please add me

Watched then helped my Guy with that this am ....... Was so hot to watch.him *** all over my **** & face !!

Ok ...we are jealous

great story ,you sound so sexy and loving . A real hot lady .

I love your story. I love to be watched

My wife likes to watch too

I'd love to have a woman desire to watch me. There are so many ways to tease a **** to life and the final release is heavenly :)

hahahah....i can imagen you jumping on him and taking is all in with no mercy.