Imagine. the Ultimate


we are in a relationship, the sex is great.

I know you mast**b*t*, and it turns me on think about u doing it.I would love to catch u, to see u giving yrself intense pleasure. what r u thinking about? what thought takes u over the edge? is it always the same thought? the same type of picture? the same type of vid?

do u know that i doit? do u imagine it? if u knew i did would u want to watch? what if u knew i wanted u to catch me & join in, solo together? or if u knew i long to catch u?


When I'm doing it (@ least once a day)(&I'm in a kind of relationship) I mostly think of men mast*b*ting. of times ive done it in front of my guy, while im pleasuring him with my mouth, hands, nipples, breasts.

i think of the way he watches me playing with my c**t while he or i stroke him. usually i have my face near his p*n*s, and im lying on my back at an angle . so he will be able to see me a bit.

the times i replay in my head the most are when he has placed him self close, between my legs so he can see better. he touches me briefly to see better.

I don't know how much i can write here- i mean at what point will it be too graphic.

i dont know why this is my kink.

I would like to have the courage to ask if he likes it in the ways i do.

would u tell me?

will u tell me?

do u think of me when yr alone?

what is it exactly about all this?

 tell me.

GildedLilli GildedLilli
3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I'll *** for you and I like to be told what to do. I am on Skype as fullylamellar

i wold love to shoot for you. hit me up at lovebigchicks@gmail. to do pix for you to i have lots of toys to add to the mix

I'd love to have you watching me while I watch you. i wouldn't need any other contact - just watching each-other ********** is so sexy. My gf and I do it all the time!