Women Watching

I really want to experience a woman watching me ********** whilst ************ herself. The idea of a stranger seeing such an intimate act and touching themselves sends me mad. Is there anyone interested?
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

oh yea! i have a fantasy of being in a situation where i was naked and standing in front of a fully clothed woman i had never seen before who was letting me feel her up inside her clothes while i *********** and she stared at my ****.

You might want to go to a massage parlor or "lingerie modeling shop". (And, I don't mean a regular massage therapist -- I mean the kind with the "happy endings".) I used to go to these places for handjobs, but some of them will not touch you until they are certain you are not a cop. This usually involves them taking their clothes off and you ************ for the first 1-2 visits before they feel comfortable to enough to touch you. I used to love ******* off in front of them about as much as the handjobs! One girl that I had visited a few times briefly touched me while I was ******* off just to let me know that we could take it a little further. I was seated and totally naked, and she was standing in front of me wearing only panties. I was playing with her **** and ******* off. She raked her fingernails across my inner thigh and across my balls. The sight of her fingernails touching my balls while she watched me stroke my **** sent me over the edge, and I blew a nut all over myself. It was pretty intense. The next time I saw her, I got a *******.