Doodles Has The Best Dreams

most mornings we are awakened at about 6 am by the sunshine dog. She makes sure one of is is up to take her out for an early constitutional and it's always way earlier than we would want to get up. since i usually cant fall back to sleep once Ive been outside and gotten all cold, usually the husband will do this. today we woke up about 8, and realized she hadn't come in to wake us up. so we carefully crept into the living room and were treated to the cutest sight of all-the pup was flipped over on her back {in what i like to call her damsel in distress pose, one leg stretched way out}, totally asleep and dreaming her puppy dreams. she was smiling and her paws were going like she was running or swimming, with cute little twitches and she made occasional sleep noises, and grunts and her breathing was fast. then she rolled over and got quiet for a second, opened her eyes and jumped off the couch and into her potty stretch in one quick and graceful movement. and thus started my Monday / Saturday today!
lalablackheart lalablackheart
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1 Response Apr 30, 2012

My Sasha falls asleep that way as well and has dreams.She twitches and shakes during her dreams and makes growling sounds ha ha ha...Loved reading about your puppy thank you.