I Miss You Grandad

This story is to remember the day my grandad died. My grandad died 2 years ago after he got panreattic cancer at cristmas in 2010. He got pancreattic cancer at cristmas in 2010 and he was in hospital for about 6 months, in the end the cancer went but he had liquid in his liver so he died at 2 in the morning in May 2011 (3 months before I turned 13 years old and I cried on my 13th birthday becuase I missed him so much!). My nan really misses hiand so do I but I don't think that the dog even remembers his male master. This is to you grandad, I lvoe you lts nad we all miss you lots, you were a great chimney sweap and a good dog and car owner and great father to my dad and his two sisters! Love you grandad! XXX I'm going to write about the first birthday I ever had without my grandad and I will call it: "The first birthday I ever had without my grandad!"
moshimonsterslover moshimonsterslover
13-15, F
May 19, 2012